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A Personal Story

In January, by luck, I stopped by a store to pick up a gift. It happened to be a weekend when they were hosting a healing fair. On the spur of the moment I decided to get a Reconnective healing. Dr. Troy Gonzales was my healing practitioner and he was amazing. I have practiced different healing modalities myself, but this type of healing is unique. In my case I had a profound experience and I'm still processing 2 months later. I highly recommend Reconnective Healing!

-Shelley Atkins

Aura Photography Results (1)

This individual had an aura photograph before Reconnective Healing and an aura photograph after Reconnective Healing with an Aura Photography Camera.  You will notice in the bottom left corner of the image on the right (the AFTER picture) the green and yellow colors.  These colors represent healing energies.  This individual stated, while gesturing toward me, "He rocks at what he does!"

Aura Photography Results (2)

You can see quite a difference here with these aura pictures.  Notice the muddled red and orange colors in the picture on the left (before Reconnective Healing).  The muddled orange represents anger the client was experiencing.  After the Reconnective Healing the aura of the individual was completely at peace (represented with the purple and blue hues).