My mission is for you to exude wholeness on every level!

E3Lutions: What is it?

E3Lutions (E-three-lootions), or E3L, provides educational and equity based learning opportunities for pre-service, in-service, and post-service educators. The foundation of the framework is simple: know yourself. As educators (teachers, preachers, nurses, doctors, safety directors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, cosmetologists, artists, mid-wives, business owners, etc.) explore the foundation of this framework, they will begin to understand their own biases and barriers. The results of self-awareness are simple: educators will have a better understanding of the choices they make on a daily basis in the classroom. As educators develop their skills with the Elements of Effective Education, they will begin to understand why they do what they do—the power of "why?". They will make decisions that will create cultures of growth and creative thinking. This model begins with the educator as a learner and ends with the educator as a learner. If the educator is not in a continual state of self-awareness, the learners they work with may never have the opportunity to understand the importance of learning.  

E3Lutions: What should I expect?

With E3L you will discover that each session is guided by a clear set of objectives developed in conjunction with the leaders. Sometimes the objectives are created with the group during the session and at other times the objectives are developed prior to the session. Sessions are balanced with moments of receiving information, moments of providing information, and with moments of implementing new information. The most important part of each sessions it eh time when participants are encouraged to reflect.  Yes, reflect.  In this fast-paced-world, taking time to slow down is important, and I will often acknowledge this during sessions. Generally there are 25-30 participants at a session. Sessions range from a minimum of 1 hour to day-long workshops.  

E3Lutions: What are the guiding principles?

E3L is based on these following guiding principles:

  • Slow down.
  • It’s ok to NOT be ok!
  • Do nothing; look for nothing—you will see love and light.
  • We ARE all one!

E3Lutions: What are the benefits?

The benefits of E3L include, but are not limited to: a higher sense of clarity in facilitating learning, a more joyful experience in facilitating learning, a peace of mind when working with others, a balanced sense of energy in facilitating learning, and ultimately, wholeness on all levels. Throughout E3L, you may discover that your advancement through the foundational piece of the framework (knowing yourself) is quite accelerated.  This acceleration happens because when working with "knowingness-of-self"  one can and will see immediate results because there are no limitations within the time/space realm as there are in our 3D world of space/time.  

E3Lutions: What else do I need to know?

  • Initial consultation may be facilitated via Skype, FaceTime, or phone conversation
  • Sessions are held in a face-to-face format
  • E3L is based on a growth framework—we can all make progress
  • E3L is billed on an hourly basis; the first 30 minutes of consultation are free of charge
  • Minimum billing of 2 hours ($240) which includes planning time
  • E3L sessions can be scheduled from a two hour session to day-long workshops
  • Schedule your session here