Distance Healing

My mission is for you to exude wholeness on every level!

Distance Healing: What is it?

Reconnective Healing frequencies transcend time and space; therefore it works just like a session in person. You do not have to be in the same room as the practitioner and you can still receive a healing. For example, I can be in my space in Colorado and you can be in New York and you can have the same amazing experience as if you were with me in person right here in Colorado. 

Distance Healing: What should I expect during a session?

Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often healings are reported in an instant in just one session. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. Your healing may come in the form you anticipate…or it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you.  The best way to allow for a healing to unfold is to proceed in a state of un-expectancy, without specific expectations or attachment to results.

During a Reconnective Healing Distance session you will find a comfortable place to lie down, relax and close your eyes while I access the Reconnective Healing frequencies. During this time all you will need to do is to notice and observe what you are experiencing. I will call you to confirm that you are ready to begin the session at the agreed upon time. We will remain on the line throughout the session as to eliminate distractions. After 30-35 minutes I will say your name to let you know the session is complete. After the session, we will have a short debrief. The debrief allows you to recall and integrate more of your experience into your healing.

Distance Healing: What are the benefits?

Benefits of Reconnective Healing include, but are not limited to the following: clarity, joy, peace of mind, more energy, acceleration of personal evolution.

Some examples from healings include: cancer, tumors, lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, chronic pain, emotional concerns, chronic diseases, accelerated recovery after surgery. 

Distance Healing: What else do I need to know?

  • Distance Healing can be facilitated anywhere, anytime
  • Distance healing is for one, two, or three sessions
  • Distance healing takes about 45-60 minutes per session
  • Distance Healing fee is $120 per session
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